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New publications by the ANTSIE team for the Past Global Changes (PAGES) project

Front cover of the PAGES Newsletter for October 2022

The ANTSIE team has published two papers recently with the international Past Global Changes project. First, Thale and Ellie led an outline of snow petrels and their stomach oils for the PAGES Horizon magazine, aimed at teenagers and young adults.

Thale Damm-Johnsen and Ellie Honan (2022) A gut-wrenching climate archive: What the stomach content of an Antarctic bird can tell us about past climate PAGES Horizons Volume 2, p.32-37.

Second, Erin McClymont led an overview of snow petrel stomach-oil deposits, using the results and ideas presented in the McClymont et al. (2022) Climate of the Past paper.

Erin L. McClymont, M.J. Bentley, D.A. Hodgson, C.L. Spencer-Jones, T. Wardley, M.D. West, I.W. Croudace, S. Berg, D.R. Gröcke, G. Kuhn, S.S.R. Jamieson, L.C. Sime and R.A. Phillips (2022) Snow petrel stomach-oil deposits as a new biological archive of Antarctic sea ice PAGES Newsletter 30(2), p.82-83.